Friday night fencing class

Friday night fencing class at the National Ballet School

Beginner’s Class

Our popular Beginner’s Class for adults (ages 13 & up) is geared to people with no prior fencing experience. In a fun and relaxed environment, participants learn fencing fundamentals and get an introduction to bouting. We hold two regularly scheduled, 8-week-long Beginner’s Classes each year, one in the Fall and another in the Winter. More…

Intermediate Class

Fencers who have completed the Beginner’s Class and who wish to continue fencing may sign up for our 6-week Intermediate Class. Participants will get the opportunity to work on the skills they learned in the Beginner’s Class and to add some new ones. More…

Kids’ Program

Our kids’ program geared to boys and girls aged 9 and up is currently on hold. Please email us at for details. The goal of the program is to teach kids the basics of fencing in a non-competitive, fun and relaxed environment. More…


All Metro Blades fencing classes are held at the National Ballet School, 400 Jarvis Street, Toronto.