Beginner’s Class


Metro Blades offers two regularly scheduled, 8-week-long Beginner’s Classes for adults (ages 13 & up) each year, one in the Fall and another in the Winter. Our Fall class starts in mid-September, and our Winter class starts in mid-January. Exact start dates will be posted a few weeks before each course.

Our popular Beginner’s Class is geared to people with no prior fencing experience. In a fun and relaxed environment, participants learn fencing fundamentals (en garde position, basic footwork, lunge, simple attacks, engagements and beats, defenses and ripostes). They will also get an introduction to bouting.

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ABOVE: Olympian Maxime Brinck-Croteau makes a surprise visit to the MET beginners class

General Information and FAQs

I have never fenced before but have always wanted to learn. Is this for me?
Yes! In fact we cater this course to complete beginners. If, however, if you have a limited amount of experience, or fenced long ago and wonder if you should take this class as a refresher, please contact us for an evaluation.

Am I too old?
Our participants range from mature adults, to university students, to teens (and everything in between). Sorry, but we don’t take children younger than 14 years old for these classes. Unfortunately, our children`s program is currently on hold. Please email for information.

How does it work?
Instruction for beginners is offered in group class format only. We do not offer private lessons, although beginners will be able to try a private lesson at the end of the session. Class size range from 14 to 22 students. The class is thought by a certified community instructor and one or two assistants, depending on the number of participants.

Do I need to spend a lot of money on equipment?
We provide all equipment for the beginners class except a glove. Participants can either bring a leather or gardening glove. We also have a small stock of fencing gloves which participants can purchase. Participants should wear comfortable clothing: t-shirt, jogging or sweat pants are appropriate and running shoes are appropriate. No jeans or shorts.

If participants decide to join as club members, they will be expected to purchase their own equipment.

When and where do I come?
Time: Friday nights only, 7:00–8:15 pm.
Location: Classes are held at the National Ballet School, 400 Jarvis St., two blocks east and 1 block south of Wellesley subway station.

How much is it?
$155 for an 8-week course (includes compulsory membership to the Ontario Fencing Association and the Canadian Fencing Federation).

How do I register?
Due to the overwhelming interest in our classes, students must pre-register online. A $25 deposit (send cheque by mail or e-transfer) is required to confirm registration. Once we receive your registration, we will contact you by email with more information.

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