Fencing is a very safe sport, but like everything else, precautions must be taken by wearing the proper protective equipment. Metro Blades does have a stock of club equipment for beginners to use, including masks, jackets, and foils, but fencers are required to purchase their own equipment if joining as regular members.

Proper equipment must be worn at all times during practice sessions. This includes:


Made from forged steel mesh, the mask protects the head and face. It should be large enough to fit over the chin, but not too big so that it falls off when bending over and shaking the head back and forth. Masks should be checked regularly.


Made from white cotton/polyester with double-thickness on the sword-arm side, the jacket protects the body. Sous-plastrons are also mandatory. Women must wear appropriate chest protectors.


The sword hand is gloved, as this hand is most prone to contact with the opponent’s blade. Note: The club does not provide gloves so all fencers, as well as participants in the beginner’s classes, are responsible for providing their own, or acceptable equivalent.


Club members and class participants must wear either fencing breeches or track pants to practice. Shorts or jeans are not allowed!


Club members and class participants must wear indoor trainers or court shoes with non-marking soles, or fencing shoes. Other shoes are not allowed.

More information is also provided for people taking the Beginners Class.